The Word Casino Comes From The Italian

The earliest recorded land-based “casino,” known as the “Ridotta,” dates back to The Word Casino Venice in the first part of the 17th century. Opened in around 1630, it was closed in 1770. But by that time the notion of this – as a place to gamble – had spread throughout Europe, where other such “houses” were then established for the entertainment of the nobility. The phrase “idle rich” can trace its linguistic origins directly to these times, and these accurate descriptions of the lives of the landed gentry at the time.

What We Now Know As Modern Land-Based Casinos

came to be as rooms in palaces for the nobility, and Kings and Emperors like Napoleon all had them as part of their domains. Fancy and richly-appointed, these were truly Palaces for Gambling, and that’s how we still have them today – rich looking, sometimes even gaudy, but always striking, exciting, and creating the feeling of wealth and superiority. In fact, being “treated like a King” has always been the idea behind modern casinos, where even the lowliest of humans – by rank or by economic conditions – could enter and be catered to as if they, too, were part of this elite, this nobility, and these “idle rich.”

Today’s Gambling Palaces

like those in Monte Carlo – still show some of that “old World” charm, and accoutrements. These are casinos that still resemble that era, some 200-to-300 years ago, when the gambling palaces for the rich nobilities were first created, to cater to their desires.

Naturally, by the standards of the 21st century, these casinos in Monte Carlo are quite odd, and old-looking. Especially for Americans. Those casinos in the Principality of Monaco are basically just large and opulent rooms, with mostly Roulette and Baccarat. Dull, and way too “formal,” or so the impression goes among American tourists. Certainly nothing like the gambling casinos in Las Vegas, MrGreen with thousands of slot machines and other kinds of gambling games everywhere, in casinos of upwards of 100,000 square feet each.

The Word Casino Comes From The Italian

By the 19th Century, – The Word Casino

the gambling houses in Europe were very popular, and as people began to immigrate more and more to the New World, they brought many of these games with them. Playing-cards and dice were among them. Dice, of course, from ancient times, but the playing cards were – by then – much more modern. What we now recognize as the casino cards we use in games like Blackjack and Poker, were actually a French invention – with some help from various other historical sources. Most historians agree that the four Kings represent the following legendary leaders from the pages of history:

  • Charlemagne is the King of Hearts,
  • Julius Caesar is the King of Diamonds,
  • Alexander the Great is the King of Clubs, and
  • King David of the Bible is the King of Spades;

The various suits of the modern deck of cards are also based on history, representing the four most notable regions of the ancient world, as this was known in the 15th century. They are as follows:

  • Spades represent the Middle East empire,
  • Clubs represents the Greek Empire,
  • Diamonds represent the Roman Empire, and
  • Hearts represents the Holy Roman Empire;

The Holy Roman Empire began with Roman Emperor Constantine. Now known as Saint Constantine. The first of the Roman Emperors to convert to Christianity. He eventually became Emperor of what was then called. The Eastern Roman Empire, with. Its capital the city of Constantinople, name after Emperor Constantine. This city was originally called Byzantium, and was founded in the 7th century BCE. Later renamed Constantinople after the Roman Emperor made it his seat of power. Today it is called Istanbul, a city in present-day Turkey, an Islamic Republic.

The World’s Last Remaining Christian Orthodox – The Word Casino

Pope still sits in a small enclave in Istanbul. The Christian Orthodox Church is a remnant of the religious divide. That – in a meeting in Constantinople in about 500 AD. Resulted in the Christian faith being divided into. The Catholic version, with it’s Pope in Rome. The Orthodox Christianity, with its Pope in Constantinople (Istanbul), and the third fraction breaking away to eventually become Islam. After it’s leader, The Prophet Muhammad, fathered it in about 600 AD.

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The fancy European Casinos which had spread throughout the Continent, and into England. As well by the end of the 18th century, had always excluded the “lower classes,” but that didn’t mean. That these so-called “lower classes” were somehow devoid of, or had no interest in, gambling. They did, as do all humans by our innate nature. Born of evolution and the need for competition. Conquest, and acquisition of wealth and power. All of which are traits of the superior predator species, of. Which we all are the prime example on this planet.

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